Love Sex Again

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Love Sex Again

The one book that should be on every woman’s nightstand.

Dr. Lauren Streicher, gynecologist and renowned women’s sexual health expert, is on a mission to give you the information you need to have the healthy, vibrant and fully satisfying sex life you deserve. And for those 40% of women whose sex life has been robbed from them by the ravages of time, menopause, surgery, pregnancy, cancer, medication, or other challenges, Dr. Streicher offers you real solutions for reclaiming your “SexAbility”.

With Love Sex Again, Dr. Streicher gives you the language, the knowledge and yes, the permission, to talk about your vagina, your orgasms, and your sexual concerns with your partner, your spouse, and your doctor. But most importantly, Dr. Streicher empowers you to be honest with yourself about what you need, what you want from your sex life, and tells you how to get it.

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Read the latest reviews from readers

 Dr. Streicher, the go-to person on sexual health for Dr. Oz and The Today Show, puts words to things you didn’t know you had and offers solutions to problems that are common. Her personable, humorous tone makes the book fun to read, and it’s useful, whether you’re in your 20s or your 70s.
Kayla Becker, Ladies Home Journal
This isn’t just a book for women, this is a book for EVERYONE.  A must-read for anyone in a serious relationship,  Fascinating stuff.
Nicolas Mather, Amazon reader review
“Incredibly thorough.  Dr. Lauren Streicher will teach you to Love Sex Again.
Beth Janes, Chicago Magazine
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